2D-CAD 数据(DXF)



MR Series
RGR Series
RA Series
RU Series
Large RU Series


RW Series

CNC 转台

RSR Series
RCD Series
(Motor side surface mounting type
RCD Series
(Motor rear surface mounting type)
RCD Series
(Motor top surface mounting type)
Support table ST Series
(RCD Series Options)
Tail stock TSS Series
(RCD Series Options)
RS Series
RT Series

固定定位装置 SANDEX

D/E/R Series
DF/EF/RF Series
DT/RT Series
DU Series
Do Series
α (Alpha) Series
ECO Series (ED)
FN Series
FU Series
FH Series
F Series
GY Series
GV/GW/GX Series
GI and GII Series
Spacers are required to install the indexer. Refer to the SANDEX General Catalog for details.

扭矩限制器 Torque Limiter

TF Series
TNF Series
TC Series

震动盘送料器 Parts Feeders

SL Series


CS Series