Cam Terminology

Face-Grooved Cam A plate cam with a groove cut onto the face of the cam for the passage of a roller. The passage is positive although backlash is inevitable. Not to be confused with cylindrical grooved cams which are cylindrical surfaces machined with cam grooves.
Flaking A peeling effect seen in material subject to fatigue. Flaking leaves a noticeable irregular surface. Causes repeated stress on rolling contact surfaces.
Flat-Face Follower A follower mechanism with a flat end.
Flywheel Cam A cam used to control non-uniform speed motion. Fluctuating torque acting upon the input shaft of intermittent indexing equipment can be neutralized by the non-uniform speed of a separate load element (flywheel table). See also Torque Compensating Cam.

Follower Member,
Generic term for the element that comes into contact with the cam (i.e., roller); any lever supporting a roller that comes into contact with the cam or any other load element after the roller.

Forced Vibration
Regular vibration caused by an external periodic driving force.

Free Vibration
The vibration that persists after the external force seizes. Also known as the natural frequency.

Fretting Corrosion
Minute wear. A wearing effect that occurs at a single point between two objects in contact under a minute frequency of slip vibration. The wear is usually more intense than normal slip abrasion because abrasive powders are not eliminated as easily and lubrication cannot access the location effectively. This effect is also subject to oxidation when exposed to air.