Cam Terminology

Hardening, Quenching A treating process for metals in which the metal material is heated to an austenitizing temperature, quickly cooled and hardened, such as induction hardening and flame hardening.
Hardness The numeric representation of the degree of hardness a material has. Hardness is expressed in terms of the measuring method used such as Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Shore.
Harmonic Motion The motion in which displacement x can be expressed according to the following equation. Similar to the quadrature of a uniform circular motion. In the equation x = a cos (ωt+φθ), a is the vibration, ω is the oscillation frequency, (ωt + φθ) is the phase angle, φθ is the initial phase angle.

Hours of Life
The length of time at which devices, equipment or components can perform at a reasonable level of proficiency when used under prescribed conditions. In the case of indexing drives, the hours-of-life calculation is pursuant to the life calculation for anti-frictional bearings since all contacts are anti-frictional. Statistically, indexing drives must live up to 95% of this calculation.

HRC (Rockwell Hardness)
A unit of Rockwell harness or a scale used to measure the hardness of metal materials (C scale of Rockwell hardness). Rockwell hardness is tested with an assortment of loads and cones which are added to a reference load and placed on top of the sample. Meanwhile, a dial gauge is used to read the depth of the dent formed by the test load which is then removed to leave only the reference load. The difference of the depths is the Rockwell hardness.