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Although Sankyo takes every possible measure to publish correct information on our website, Sankyo is not liable for its accuracy, reliability, usefulness, or applicability to the purposes of those who use this information.
Sankyo shall not be held liable for any errors (if any should occur) in this website.
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As a rule, Sankyo may change and/or delete information published on this website without prior notice to customers.
Sankyo is not liable for any damage or loss that may occur through any change or deletion of information on this site.

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Copying, diverting, or other misappropriation of these Contents without approval by the rights holder, beyond the scope of personal use and as explicitly permitted by law, is prohibited by law.
Written approval from Sankyo is required to reprint or post the Contents published on this website in any magazine, book, or CDs.

Links to our website

If you want to link to our website, make sure to set your link to our home page (
In addition, all of the following types of linking are strictly prohibited.
1.Links at websites that contain contents contrary to public order, morals, or the law, or that have the potential to contain such.
2.Links that use frame functions or formats that may infringe on our copyright, or that hide the fact that the contents were derived from our website or other copyrighted materials.
3.Links at websites that contain slander, defamation, or that break people.s faith in Sankyo and its products.
4.Links for commercial purposes
Sankyo is not liable for any indemnification, claim or complaint involving another website that was linked to our website.
If Sankyo requests anyone, for any reason, to remove a link to our website, the link must be removed immediately.

Links to other websites

This website may establish a link to a completely independent website.
However, Sankyo will not warrant the accuracy, legitimacy, or reliability of the information contained in such a website.
In addition, the fact that we link to another site does not in any way indicate that we are recommending the site.s contents or its sponsor

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