Cam Terminology

Indexing Accuracy The value that indicates the difference between theoretical and actual angular movement when the indexing device is driven.
Indexing Drive A driving device that performs intermittent indexing and rotating motions such as a dwell-index-dwell-index. A cam-driven intermittent indexing device can use one of three cam methods: the roller gear cam, the parallel index cam or the barrel cam.
Index Period The angle to which the input shaft is turned to make one index of the follower. The sum of the index period and dwell period form 360°.

The phenomenal property that tries to maintain the current condition of an object unless an external force is used to change it.

Input Shaft Torque,
Cam Shaft Torque
The torque that acts upon the cam shaft. The dynamic power required by a motor is equivalent to the product of the cam shaft torque and the rotating speed.

Internal Inertia Load
The internal inertia load torque is the inertia load of the turret and output shaft when the input shaft is rotating at speed N.