Cutting without using a coupling? The EX Series?Sankyo's cam-actuated indexing device?solves this problem. This unit uses a roller gear cam mechanism made from a robust globoidal cam and specially designed rigid cam followers (patented). It is rigid enough to hold steady against heavy cutting action. The EX Series does not require any vertical motion or clamping for a faster process that consumes less energy.
No Hydraulic Unit Required
No clamping device required means there is no need for a hydraulic unit.
Reduces Non-cutting Time
Drastically cuts down on non-cutting time because there is no need for clamping and unclamping.
Stable Positioning Accuracy
Non-backlash mechanism has minimal lost motion, yet maximum high accuracy and stability (repeatibility ±2 sec.)
Impressive Production Volume
Sankyo has built more than 20,000 of these units which are in use on many machine tools.
EX Series General Specifications
Static Specifications Unit 9EX 10EX 11EX 12EX 14EX 17EX
Allowable Torque N・m 1764 2773 3626 5419 8036 12740
Allowable Thrust Load N 147000 166600 205800 215600 333200 490000
Allowable radial load N 53900 63700 73500 73500 107800 176400
Allowable Bending Moment N・m 6370 9310 11760 16660 33320 58800
Repeatability sec. ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2
Cam Shaft Friction Torque N・m 10.8 11.8 13.8 16.7 21.6 29.4
Product Weight kg 60 78 100 135 235 410
Note 1) Available with 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 index stops.
Note 2) The allowable torque depends on the number of index stops. The figures given above are for a unit with 10 index stops.
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