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High-power, High-speed,
High-serviceability and High-accuracy
Linear Drive Positioning Unit Aiming for the Highest Performance
The Liner Unit is a high-speed, high-power, linear drive unit based on an adaptation of the cam mechanism.
Powered by a servomotor, and featuring a new mechanism that rotates a screw-shaped cam, the Liner Unit travels along a linear rail, enabling high-speed, long-distance conveyance of heavy loads impossible with conventional mechanisms.
This enables conveyance of heavy materials, large multifunction robots and other production equipment.
This exciting nextgeneration linear conveying unit will lead to advanced automation of production lines and improved productivity.
CS Series(5 models)
| CS10 | CS16 | CS22 | CS30 | CS40 |
Comparison with other mechanisms
Can have a feed long stroke. Infinite concatenation.
Comparison with other mechanisms
Space-saving design
Since the drive motor is installed on the traveling axis, there is no dead space, unlike other mechanisms.
The entire device can be made compact.
Comparison with other mechanisms
Comparison with other mechanisms
Comparing our linear unit with other mechanisms shows that it has excellent characteristics overall.
Although it is inferior to linear motors in terms of position stabilization, it exhibits outstanding performance, even with large loads.
Comparison with other mechanisms
Application(Push / Pull line)
Transfer robots
They can transfer large parts at high speed.
You can reduce the travel-loss time.
Transfer loader
High-speed movement is possible. This can shorten the time needed to remove and transporting workpieces.
1Multiple units can be arranged on one axis.
Transfer device
By combining it with a compact linear unit, a transfer device can be assembled.
Item Units CS10 CS16 CS22 CS30 CS40
Lead mm 90 50 70 90 110
Transmission accuracy (*1) μm 30/300mm
Repeatability (*1) μm ±20 (±10 : without reducer)
Allowable loading capacity N 200 500 750 1000 5000
Screw's moment of inertia X10-4kg・m2 1.5 3 8 64 162.1
Mass Liner kg 1.5 3 7 15 30
Rail (Steel) 0.8(L=490) 1.5(L=495) 2.5(L=485) 5(L=535) 13(L=765)
Rail (Aluminum) 0.4(L=490) 0.9(L=495) 1.2(L=485) 2.6(L=535) -
Reducer 0.6 1.4 1.4 3.7 8
Standard rail length mm 490 495 485 535 765
Liner   Anodized black
Rail   Steel/black oxide  Aluminum/anodized black
Lubrication oil   Mobilgear 600 XP 320
*1 Accuracy readings are based on internal test bench results (20°C)
*2 Excluding mass of servomotor.
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