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SP060DS gives you high efficiency and quality of welding.
SP060DS(1 model)
| SP060DS |
High speed and high accuracy with excellent settling performance for reduced cycle time.
Large-diameter hollow bore for simplified wiring and piping and easy maintenance.
Has a Max. payload 600kg, thanks to the combination of a compact body and high rigidity.
Durability that can withstand impact loads such as emergency stops.
Wears much less than other units because of our unique rolling transmission mechanism which helps maintain stable accuracy for a long time.
Model SP060DS
Rotary axis Tilting axis
Allowable payload kg 600
Output table diameter mm 500
Output hollow diameter mm 70 120
Gear ratio   100 200
Maximum rotating speed min-1 30(180°/sec) 15(90°/sec)
Operating range deg ±360° ±135°(within φ500 mm range)
Repeatability mm ±0.03(R=250mm) ±0.03(R=250mm)
Start / Stop limit torque N・m 1,120 1,910
Allowable load moment N・m 400 1,350
Allowable moment of inertia*1 kg・m2 38.1(max. 59.4) 56.9(max. 200.1)
Internal moment of inertia at the input shaft*2 kg・m2 4.9×10−4 5.5×10−4
Recommended motor capacity*3 kW 1.5 1.5
Net weight kg 320
*1 The allowable moment of inertia is the maximum value when a load corresponding to the maximum load moment is applied.
*2 Internal moment of inertia at the input shaft depends on the attachment code. For details, please refer to the attachment code selection table on page 3.
*3 Recommended motor capacity is reference only. It depends on the manufacturer of the servo motor.
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