Deepening the core technology and creating new offshoots
We develop new applications of Gear-Cam Technology

  • All the team members present their own ideas and then we all discuss them.
    Sharing information and high levels of technical knowledge.

  • Evaluating prototyped parts from the level of basic materials through processing and on to the quality of the finished item's appearance

  • Measuring the quality of a surface using an optical interference measurement system to make a more detailed analysis.

At the Sankyo Technology laboratory, we study and develop the individual parts of our technology (cams, bearings, gears, and slides) as we work on developing new products.
We make trial products and test the individual parts, and evaluate their precision, performance, and service life.
At the Center, we also develop prototypes of individual parts, develop and test machines for evaluating product performance, and devise methods for testing and measuring so we can evaluate parts. surface appearance.