Corporate information

Years   History of Sankyo Seisakusho Co.
1938 Ryohei Ogawa founded Ogawa Seisakusho at 3-128, Tabata, Kita Ward, Tokyo for the manufacture of aircraft turbine vanes and Caterpillar tractor parts.
1951 Company name changed to Sankyo Seisakusho Limited.
Started manufacturing automobile parts and electrical parts for consumer items.
1964 Company organization changed and incorporated as Sankyo Seisakusho Co.
1970 Developed a shrink tunnel packaging machine (photo 1). (Patent No. 121463.
The first patent applied for under the name Sankyo Seisakusho Co.)
Began research into intermittent indexing devices using roller gear cammechanisms (Applied for a basic patent for an intermittent indexing device)
1973 Succeeded in developing the first roller gear cam indexing drive in Japan
(Applied for a patent related to our in-company produced cam processing machine.)
Started selling our D series, a basic model with an output shaft (photo 2)
1980 Started producing our AIM - Ampoule Inspection Machine (photo 3).
(Applied for a patent for the oscillating synchronization system we developed)
Our indexing devices were chosen to be added to the drive mechanism of a large-scale high-speed production system manufacturer.
Developed the Variax M1, a press feeder (photo 4)
(Patent No. 1376660.)

1981 Our Shizuoka Plant was constructed in Kikugawa-cho (currently called Kukugawa City), Shizuoka
(Site area: 54,000m2
1982 Developed and sold world's smallest pick & place unit: FS.
Developed the world's fastest press materials feed units, the Variax V60A and V70M.
1984 Started selling the world's smallest ultra-compact indexing drive, the 2.8D.
1985 Expanded our Shizuoka Plant. It became the world's largest plant dedicated to cams.
1987 Ryohei Ogawa was named Chairman of the Board of Directors
Hiroumi Ogawa was appointed President (photo 5).
Sankyo America Inc. was established in Ohio, the USA (photo 6).

1989 Newly constructed Second Shizuoka Plant.
A bridge was completed between the 1st and 2nd Plants.
1992 Second Shizuoka Plant expanded.
The new building to expand the 2nd Shizuoka Plant received the 24th Central Award for Architecture.
1993 The Shizuoka Plant received the 12th Japanese Greening Center Chairman'.s Award.
1994 The 2nd Shizuoka Plant received the 6th Prefecture City Landscape Excellence Award.
The Miyagi Plant was completed at Shiwahime Cho, Kurihara Gun (currently called Kurihara City), Miyagi (Photo 7).
1996 3rd Shizuoka Plant expanded.
2002 Plant for Hangzhou Sankyo Machinery Co., Ltd. completed
2004 The Shizuoka Plant received the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry award for its excellent greenery.
2005 Released our RollerDrive RA series (photo 8)
2006 The RollerDrive RA series received a Good Design award (photo 8)
Sankyo China Trading Co., Ltd. established (photo 9).
2007 Released RollerDrive system RC series circular CNC table.
2012 Developed a high speed, long stroke linear unit.
(Patent No. 4700944.)
2013 Completed a new Hangzhou Sankyo Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiang plant established sales and service bases in Korea and Taiwan. (Korean Branch, Taiwanese Branch)
2015 Inauguration of Hiroumi Ogawa as Chairman of the Board.
2017 Established a local subsidiary in Thailand: Sankyo Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2018 Local subsidiary of Korean Branch: Sankyo Korea Co., Ltd.
2019 Launched the RollerDrive RGV and RGR series.