Make dreams come true -- Sankyo Seisakusho’s cam technology DREAMS CAM TRUE

If you want to succeed, let's have a dream of excitement.
Its dream is better as large as seen ridiculous.
Because there are less competitors for attaining such dream.
It is important to act as soon as an idea arises.
As there is no value only having an idea.
Ships, internal combustion engine, automobiles, trains, aircraft, electrical energy, lightings, telephones and computers…
These are indispensable for our daily lives, and drastically changed the human history. Most of them were triggered by unrealistic dream by predecessors. After lots of failures and lots of efforts exceeding the failure brought crystal of the dreams.
Dreams are driving force for progress and that is why there is no endless dream of mankind.
Even today, many engineers, researchers, and workers who are involved in the manufacturing industry are drawing new dreams, and continue to make every effort toward realization of these dreams.

Sankyo Seisakusho wants to contribute to these manufacturing full of these dreams.
With our excellent cam technology, we hope to become a bridge between dreams and realizations.
Since our founder, Ryohei Ogawa, enchanted by depth and affluent possibility of the cam technology, Sankyo Seisakusho Co. has been striving research and development of the cam technology and production of cam related products.
'To be the number one cam technology supplier in the world'
The dream of the founder is inherited to the incumbent president Hiroumi Ogawa and all employees.
Of course, numerous difficulties and hurdles will be awaiting to realize this dream.
You may repeat the failure or setbacks.
Nevertheless, Sankyo Seisakusho will not stop the challenge.
Never stop striving.
Because we believe in the phrase below.


This is our determination to contribute to the realization of the dream and the phrase to encourage ourselves.

Founder, Ryohei Ogawa, and the roller gear cam indexing drive we developed for the first time in Japan