Roller gear cam mechanism They make things turn, move along, align, and stop.
Cams can create every kind of movement, from simple to complex, without the need for any other program of control.
They do not cause vibration during motion or result in residual vibration, and they facilitate high-speed positioning at low energy expenditure. This, the most reliable mechanical element, makes motion control possible.
In the field of industrial automation machinery, various types of cams have been used intensively, from ancient times.
Indexing cam devices, in particular, have the desirable features of high speed, great rigidity, high precision, and compact shape, so these are widely used in various types of automated machines.
Sankyo Seisakusho has combined a roller gear cam and a cam follower, to develop the first-in-Japan indexing cam mechanism we call .Sandex.. Since that innovation, it has been applied to provide highly precise and efficient positioning for such devices as inspection, assembly and filling machines. Sandex's outstanding records of performance

Features of cam mechanisms

A press material feeder using a roller gear cam mechanism in it s drive section has achieved the fastest feed speed in the world (4,000 spm with a repeated feed precision of ±0.005 mm/VG15H). Its great speed, high precision, and outstanding operabi lity significantly contribute to improving the production of electronic components and automobile motor cores. This product, named 'Variax,' has earned tremendous respect every place in the world where presses are important tools.

Variax-mounted high-speed motor core production line