sizing forms(pdf)

Model Sizing Form for the LinerUnit

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User Specifications
■Legal regulations and/or user standards

Operating conditions
■Conveying target
■Payload [kg]
・max CS16: 50 ・max CS22: 75
・max CS30: 100・max CS40: 500
※The figures given above are the actual payloads the Liner can handle.
 Guides or other supports must be used for heavier loads.
■Stroke length [mm]
■Direction of motion
■Working load [N]
Operating time
■Acceleration [sec]
■Constant velocity [sec]
■Standby [sec]
■Cycle time [sec]
■Linear guides to be used * Customer-provided LM guides, etc.

Technical Info
■Number of Rails:X 【 Formulas for Finding Number of Rails 】
*Round up to the nearest integer.
・CS16 X=1+(L-375)/500
・CS22 X=1+(L-355)/490
・CS30 X=1+(L-355)/540
・CS40 X=1+(L-770)/990
■Rail materia
■Rail Connecting Specification

■Servomotor manufacturer
■Servomotor model
■Reducer model number[NIDEC-SHIMPO]
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