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Model Sizing Form for the SANDEX Indexing Drive

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Operating time
Number of stops:S  
Dwell time:t1 [sec]
Index time:t2 [sec]
Index Dial Application
Table diameter:D1 [mm]
Table weight:W1 [kg]
Jig P.C.D.:D2 [mm]
Weight per tool:W2 [kg]
Number of tool:n2 [pcs.]
Work P.C.D.:D3 [mm]
Weight per work:W3 [kg]
Number of work:n3 [pcs.]

Conveyor Application
Feed pitch:P [mm]
Weight of chain with attachment:W1 [kg]
Weight of tool:W2 [kg]
Weight of work:W3 [kg]
Sproket diameter:D [mm]
Weight per sproket:W4 [kg]
Number of sproket:n4 [pcs.]
Coefficient of frict [μ]

Peripheral device
■Geared Motor
■Torque Limiter
■Timing Cam-Photo Switch
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