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CNC inclined circular table for machining large parts
RTD Series(1 model)
| RTD350 |
Wide processing range
・Rotary axis of the table surface coincides with the tilting axis center
・Maximum workpiece diameter: Φ530mm
Superior movement achieved with zero-backlash technology
No Maintenance and Excellent Price Performance
  Unit Axis of rotation Tilt axis
Table diameter mm φ350
(T slot width 12mm)
Work maximum diameter mm φ530
Allowable work mass kg 300
Gear ratio   1/60 1/96
Maximum speed*1 min-1 50 40
Operating range deg ±360 ±120
Lubrication method   Oil bath (MOBIL SHC 629:150 cSt)
Lubricating oil amount 3 4
Product weight kg 600
Applicable servo motor MITSUBISHI*2 HG154S-D□□ HG154BS-D□□
FANUC αiS8/4000-B
αiS8/4000-B With brake
Continuous holding torque*2 kg 486[432] 778[691]
Maximum output torque*2 N・m 1021[907] 1633[1452]
Allowable work inertia Kg・m2 9.93
*1 Rapid rotation speed during indexing operations.
*2 The value shown is when a MITSUBISHI motor is used. The value in brackets [ ] is when a FANUC motor is used.
*3 The characters at the end of the HG series motor model □□ will vary, depending on machine tool manufacturer.
Optional specifications

Hydraulic clamp Clamp torque:1100N・m hydraulic 3.5MPa (Axis of rotation)
Clamp torque:1850N・m hydraulic 3.5MPa (Tilt axis)
Air hydro booster Clamp method Pneumatic 0.5MPa
Rotary joint Number of ports:4 (6*4)
Maximum usable pressure. Fluid used: pneumatic pressure; 0.7Mpa, hydraulic pressure; 6MPa
Table size φ500 (T slot width 14mm)*5
base Without base
*4 Contact us for 6-port specifications.
*5 The table surface rotation center and the tilting axis center are offset.
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