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The RTG is a compact, lightweight, tilted rotary table that makes it possible to respond to the increasing number of machining needs of small MCs, the increasing complexity of workpieces, and the increasing size of workpieces.
By using the RTG series equipped with A and C axes you can take advantage of process aggregation, efficient machining postures and tool selection, even when machining workpieces that had previously required multiple processes. In addition, in order to meet the needs of unmanned machines and enjoy the benefits of robots, rotary joints with up to 13 (12 +1) ports are available for automatic installation and removal of workpieces with seating confirmation.
Furthermore, the use of a RollerDrive mechanism eliminates the need for clamping during machining, thus reducing the positioning time by approximately one-third, compared with conventional worm gear rotary tables that use clamps. The RollerDrive mechanism can be operated continuously, with only a short break to change the lubrication oil. It eliminates the need for periodic backlash readjustments like the conventional worm gear rotary tables.
This contributes to significantly reduced equipment maintenance. The RTG is ideal for small MCs, while automating operations and improving productivity.
RTG Series(1 model)
| RTG500 |
・Built-in, no-backlash RollerDrive mechanism
・ Clampless processing drastically increases the ratio of cutting to non-cutting time
・ Lightweight and compact, and can be mounted on the #30 vertical MCs
・ Provides a large jig area of φ 500 x H270
・ Rotary joint is equipped with up to 12 + 1 ports
・ Routine maintenance is just an oil change, nothing else.
Specifications RTG500
Rotating axis Tilting axis
Tilting angle deg -30 to +120
Table diameter mm φ120
Table pilot bore diameter*1 mm
Center height at tilted axis +90° mm 350
Tabletop height at 0° tilted axis mm
Guide block width mm 1,800
Total gear ratio 1/72 1/72
Motor shaft equivalent inertia*1 *2 *3 ×10−4kg・m2 1.41 (1.43) 6.22 (6.97)
Motor used (FANUC ・ BROTHER) αiF4/5000-B
R2AAB8100F~ αiS8/4000-B
Maximum table rotational speed min-1 69 55 48
Indexing accuracy arc sec ±15 ±30
Repeatability arc sec 8 8
Net weight kg 248
Net weight(when joints are rotary joint is installed) kg 270
Allowable payload kg 100
Maximum jig work diameter mm 500
Allowable workpiece inertia kg・m2 2.3
radial load
N 23000
Allowable continuous
holding torque
N・m 259 254
Allowable maximum
holding torque*4
N・m 415 318
Allowable continuous
holding torque
N・m 518 648
Allowable maximum
holding torque*4
N・m 835 713
Internal eccentric
load torque*5
N・m 0 112
Lubrication method Oil bath (and grease for the support unit)
Oil type/quantity Mobile SHC629 / 0.7L Mobile SHC629 / 1.4L
Rotary joint (number of ports) 12+1
*1 Values when a rotary joint is not installed.
*2 Values in parentheses ( ) are when a rotary joint is installed
*3 The specified motor shaft equivalent inertia does not include the inertia of the motor shaft.
*4 Maximum holding torque shall be a maximum of 30 seconds at a 40% duty cycle.
*5 This is the value of the unbalanced torque of the rotating shaft acting on the tilt axis at a tilt angle of +90°.(0.112 m x 102 kg x 9.8)
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