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This center-column indexer was designed specifically for driving a rotary assembly chassis. It uses two worm wheels and a roller gear cam mechanism. The output has a flange for an indexing table, a stationary table mounting flange for processing units, and a continuous drive shaft in the center. Another continuous drive shaft is located under the housing for driving the processing units. This continuous drive shaft allows synchronized operation with other units, an essential requirement for any manufacturing system. As a drive source, the DA Series is particularly suitable for automatic assembly and processing machinery used for precision components, electronic device components, and small parts.
Triple Coaxial Output Design
Features a coaxial output with indexing shaft, continuous shaft, and hollow stationary shaft. Ideal for driving rotary base assembly machines.
Compact, Small Footprint
Houses the complete drive mechanism and reducer unit within the footprint of the housing.
High Accuracy
The intermittent indexing motion is produced by a roller gear cam for precision positioning.
Typical Applications
  • Assembly machine for razor blade attachments
  • Assembly machine for spray nozzles
  • Assembly machine for medical equipment
  • Use as base chassis or main drive unit for various automated machines.
DA Series Specifications
Input Characteristics
Characteristic Symbol Unit 14DA 20DA 25DA
Reducer Input Shaft Allowable Thrust Load C12 N 1078 980 1176
Max Repeated Bending Force C13 N 1078 1568 1960
Max Repeated Allowable Torque C14 N・m 225.4 343 784
Torsional Rigidity K8 N・m/rad 1.54×104 2.55×104 7.45×104
Moment of Inertia J2 kg・m2 1.1×10-3 2.38×10-3 3.0×10-3
Other Information Product Weight   kg Approx. 160 Approx. 395 Approx. 585
Paint Color     Emerite Satin 5Y7/1
Oil Volume   L Approx. 6 Approx. 14 Approx. 22
Note 1) Input moment of inertia: J is calculated in dwell.
Output Shaft Characteristics
Characteristic Symbol Unit 14DA 20DA 25DA
Cam Shaft Allowable Thrust Load C9 N 2940 4900 5782
Max Repeated Bending Force C10 N 3675 7546 8722
Max Repeated Allowable Torque C11 N・m 588 1274 1764
Torsional Rigidity K6 N・m/rad 1.37×105 2.65×105 4.31×105
Moment of inertia (Note 1) J1 kg・m2 4.5×10-2 0.116 0.565
Continuous Shaft Allowable Thrust Load C1 N 1470 2940 3430
Allowable radial load C2 N 2548 7840 11760
Max Repeated Allowable Torque C3 N・m 274.4 1274 1960
Torsional Rigidity K1 N・m/rad 1.04×104 8.82×104 2.94×105
Inertia Moment J3 kg・m2 1.05×10-2 2.5×10-2 7.75×10-2
Fixed Shaft Allowable Thrust Load C4 N 8134 13720 18620
Allowable radial load C5 N 3822 8820 14700
Max Repeated Allowable Torque C6 N・m 980 1960 2254
Torsional Rigidity K3 N・m/rad 1.37×105 3.53×105 4.61×105
Intermittent Rotary Shaft Allowable Thrust Load C7 N 9800 15680 16660
Allowable Radial Load C8 N 15680 28420 36260
Allowable Torque TS N・m Refer to Torque Transfer Table
Torsional Rigidity K4 N・m/rad 8.13×105 5.88×106 4.9×106
Inertia Moment J0 kg・m2 9.4×10-2 0.515 1.10
Indexing Accuracy   Seconds ±30 ±30 ±20
(1N ≒ 0.102 kgf)

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