Production facilities

We are always improving our manufacturing quality:
focusing on processing and assembly areas

Guided by the intentions of the designer, the manufacturing dep artment works to prevent defects by careful application of the process design documents and the QC process chart. This prevents parts and products from ever being manufactured that contain quality defe cts.
We solicit suggestions for improvement from the actual work sites, and these help improve the working standards.

Creating a system for bringing nonconformities down to zero:
Zero nonconformity activity

Review of processes during the phases of preparation for both small- and
mass-lot production

Manufacturing process review

Temperature-controlled processing area

Improving the accuracy of machining complicated shapes using 3D CAM,
the efficiency of NC programs, and the rate of machine operations

We aim to improve the efficiency of NC programmed operations by installing a 3D CAM that can convert 3DCAD data to NC data. Machining simulation shortens sample production time, prevents machine clashes, and increases the rate at which machines can o perate.