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General-purpose servo feeder provides basic performance at low cost
The Variax OPUS 2 series are servo feeders for presses that are optimized for producing electric motor cores used in home electrical appliances, such as air conditioners and general-purpose motors.
Compared to our OPUS1 series high-end Variax model, this series is lighter and more compact.
Due to the use of dual roller drives, it offers stable material feeding of various materials (wide, thin, or soft materials) with a low gripping force.
Since the models in this series have a large opening and a detachable lower cover, the rollers can be cleaned easily.
OPUS2 Series(4 models)
| OPUS2-200 | OPUS2-300 | OPUS2-450 | OPUS2-650 |
  • Industry-leading world-class performance level
  • Built in preventive maintenance and diagnostic functions for IoT compatibility
  • Excellent operability with a security system
  • A wide range of display functions
  • Global support for many languages and services
  • Can feed wide, thin, and soft materials
Industry-leading world-class performance
Built in preventive maintenance and diagnostic functions to support IoT compatibility
Safety system with excellent operability
Exceptional quality and reliability
Safety function
Various display functions
Can feed wide, thin, and soft materials
Global support for many language, standards, and services
Easy to install in a press
Greatly improved roll cleaning ability
Motor core line for home electrical appliances(OPUS2, EVR2)
Control configuration diagram(OPUS2, EVR2)
Specification table
Model name Units OPUS2-200/H OPUS2-300/H OPUS2-450/H OPUS2-650/H
Feed length mm 1 ~ 200(999) 1 ~ 300(999) 1 ~ 450(999) 1 ~ 650(999)
Material thickness mm max 2
Gripping force N min 1,500 ~ max 3,000 min 1,500 ~ max 5,000
Pilot release length mm 0.1
Roll opening dimension mm max 2.5 max 2.5
Material width mm max 200 max 300 max 450 max 650
Maximum number of strokes min-1 1,000 500
Minimum pilot release angle deg 90 50
Maximum feed speed m/min 3.0 kW motor: Up to 60m/min.:
7.5kW motor: 60m/min. or more*1
3.0 kW motor: Up to 60m/min.:
7.5kW motor: 80m/min. or more*1
Repeat accuracy mm ±0.03
Operating air pressure MPa 0.5 ~ 0.6
Paint color   N1.5(Black)
Product weight kg 160 190 250 315
*1 Please check the separate feed capacity diagram.
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