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Servo-controlled rotating-core building device is an improvement from the previous mechanical rotating-core building device.
Any angle of rotation can be set freely.
The Servo-dex EVR2 series is an indexing/skewing drive system for rotating the electric motor cores used in home appliances. It is optimal for electric motor core production press lines that make motors for home appliances, such as air conditioners and general-purpose motors.
It reduces mold maintenance by suppressing vibration when stopping a workpiece with high-precision positioning.
This series can easily be controlled using a timing signal, and various control patterns are now also available.
EVR2 Series(3 models)
| EVR2-75 | EVR2-150 | EVR2-300 |
  • General-purpose models providing basic performance at a low cost
  • Supports optional stacking angle settings and various types of control patterns
  • Stacking operation triggered by the timing signal
  • Its high precision positioning increases mold life.
  • The combination of a servo driven feeder and a servodex device results in maximum motor core line optimization
Specification table
Item Units EVR2-75 EVR2-150 EVR2-300
Rated torque N・m 48 95 358
Maximum torque N・m 119 224 752
Rated rpm rpm 1500 1500 800
Load inertia(max)*1 kg·m2 0.05 0.15 1.25
Indexing angle deg Any angle
Permitted axial load deg Any angle
Permitted axial load)*3 N 100
Permitted radial load*4 *5 N 2,000 3,000 4,000
Motor capacity Kw 7.5 15 30
Product weight kg 125 217 445
*1 Indicates the accuracy of a single unit. It does not include the residual vibration that occurs when using a timing belt.
*2 The capacity changes, depending on the speed ratio and the load being handled.
*3 Represents the weight of the load.
*4 Represents the load applied to the center height of the output shaft.
*5 Use a timing belt that has a low elastic deformation to suppress residual vibration.
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