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The Servo-dex EVR1 series is an indexing or skewing drive system for rotating the motor core for production lines making motor cores for hybrid, PHEV, and EV car motors.
By connecting a high-performance servo motor directly to the motor core, it can index core stacks with high-speed and high-torque, while allowing you to set the rotation angle freely.
With fusion of a servo motor and a cam motion curve, high speed and a variety rotational stacking build-ups are possible. This contributes to improved productivity of high-quality motor cores.
EVR1 Series(4 models)
| EVR1-230R | EVR1-310R | EVR1-230U |
| EVR1-310U |
  • World-class performance using a high-performance motor
  • It also supports arbitrary rotation angle settings, and skew processing of the motor core
  • The communication function allows you to check the status of the operation from a remote location
  • The combination of a servo driven feeder and a servo-dex device results in maximum motor core line optimization
Specification table
Item Units General specifications High power specifications
EVR1-230R EVR1-310R EVR1-230U EVR1-310U
Rated torque N・m 173 238 453 792
Maximum torque N・m 538 1300 643 1300
Rated rpm rpm 798 777 823 777
Load inertia(max)*2 kg·m2 0.5 1.5 0.5 1.5
Indexing angle deg Any angle
Layout angle deg Any angle
Permitted axial load*3 N 100
Permitted radial load*4 *5 N 2,000 4,400 2,000 4,400
Motor capacity Kw 15 19 39 65
Operating air pressure*6 Mpa 0.4~0.5
Required cooling air volume*7 L/min 220
Maximum cooling capacity required Kw 7.2 6.58
Cooling water volume required L/min 12.1 19.5
Product weight kg 305 260 240 260
*1 Indicates the accuracy of a single unit. It does not include the residual vibration that occurs when using a timing belt.
*2 The capacity changes, depending on the speed ratio and the load being handled.
*3 Represents the weight of the load.
*4 Represents the load applied to the center height of the output shaft.
*5 Use a timing belt that has a low elastic deformation to suppress residual vibration.
*6 Used for cooling air.
*7 The capacity varies, depending on the amount of cooling air supplied.
Cooling air is supplied when the motor temperature reaches 60˚C or higher.
Application(Push / Pull line)
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