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The Servo-dex EVR1 series is an indexing or skewing drive system for rotating the motor core for production lines making motor cores for hybrid, PHEV, and EV car motors.
By connecting a high-performance servo motor directly to the motor core, it can index core stacks with high-speed and high-torque, while allowing you to set the rotation angle freely.
With fusion of a servo motor and a cam motion curve, high speed and a variety rotational stacking build-ups are possible. This contributes to improved productivity of high-quality motor cores.
EVR1 Series(3 models)
| EVR1-160 | EVR1-230 | EVR1-310 |
  • World-class performance using a high-performance motor
  • Outstanding reliability due to our original vibration damping design
  • It also supports arbitrary rotation angle settings, and skew processing of the motor core
  • The communication function allows you to check the status of the operation from a remote location
  • The combination of a servo driven feeder and a servo-dex device results in maximum motor core line optimization
Specification table
Item Units EVR1-160 EVR1-230 EVR1-310 Note
Load inertia (standard) (max) kg·m2 0.03 0.50 1.50 The capacity changes with the load
Rotation angle of the built up core deg Any angle Any angle Any angle  
Indexing angle deg Any angle Any angle Any angle  
Permitted axial load N 100 100 100 Load weight
Permitted radial load N 1,200 2,000 2,600 At center of the output shaft*1
Air consumption L/min 100 200 310 The air used for air-cooling*2
Operating air pressure MPa 0.4~0.5 0.4~0.5 0.4~0.5 Cooling air*2
Product weight kg 142 210 252
*1 Use a timing belt that has low elastic deformation to suppress residual vibration
*2 These capacities change according to the amount of air cooling that is supplied.
Application(Push / Pull line)
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