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The Variax V Series is a high-performance cam-actuated variable roll feed that uses fan-shaped sector rolls and four cam mechanisms. It offers unparalleled accuracy and convenient design features for ease of operation and use. Numerous technical innovations have made the V Series the choice feeder for stamping lines all over the world for more 20 years since its inception. Innovations such as dual-driven rolls, parallelism adjustment for the rolls and brake, and an absolute digital counter for precise feed pitch display are just a few examples. Sankyo has also developed newer models that are even easier to operate and handle while meeting specific needs, such as wide stock handling ability and advanced functionality.
High Reliability
Cam-actuated for excellent reliability.
Easy to Adjust
Push button operation for easy adjustment of feed pitch, material thickness, and grip force.
Also features parallelism adjustment for rolls and brakes.
Impressive Installed Base
The V Series has the longest history as an individual feeder with an impressive track record.
Typical Applications
  • Motor cores
  • Connector
  • IC lead frame presses
V Series General Specifications
Size Unit V76 V127W V230W
Feed Pitch mm 0 to 76.2 0 to 127 18 to 230
Material Thickness (Note 1) mm 0.3 to 3* 0.3 to 2*
Material Width mm 10 to 120 30 to 245 30 to 370
Grip Force N 300 to 3000 500 to 5000 1000 to 30000
Max Strokes min-1 1500 1000 600
Max Feed Rate m/min 70 90
Feed Angle deg 165 180
Repeatability (Note 2) mm ±0.025 ±0.03
Pilot Release (°) Approx. 49 Approx. 46
Operating Air Pressure rpm: s 490 to 690
Hydraulic Pressure kPa 290 to 490
Oil Flow Rate l/min 1.5 to 2.2
Lubrication Forced supplied lubrication
Power Supply V 100 VAC single phase, 50/60 Hz or 115 VAC 60 Hz
Product Weight kg 250 400 1300
Note 1) Contact Sankyo for material thicknesses of more than 1mm.
Note 2) Feed accuracy varies according to actual operating conditions. Figures listed here are for reference only.
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