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Offers high-speed, good follow-up control, and stable material feeding.
Our original loop controller is suitable for high-speed feed lines. This uncoiler was designed to create a stable material feed for this loop controller. It works at high speed and has good follow-up control. The rotating section that winds and unwinds coils of material is driven by a servomotor, so that the feeder supplies the correct amount of material to match the press rotation speed in real time. Also, by installing a movable arm in contact with the outer surface of the coil, the radius can be determined and therefore the amount of material left can be controlled, offering remarkable stability while feeding.
VUC Series(2 models)
| VUC400 | VUC650 |
With automatic threading function
When a coil is attached to the setup side it takes 90 seconds or less to turn it to the production side, automatically insert it into the leveler, and then automatically pass the material through to the feeder.
Specification table
    VUC450 VUC650
Coil inner/outer dia mm φ508×φ1,200 φ508×φ1,200
Loadable coil weight kg 3,000×2 5,000×2
Material Thickness mm 0.15~0.5 0.15~0.5
Material Width mm 150~450 150~650
Material Width m/min 120 120
Product weight kg 10,000 12,000
Operating air pressure MPa 0.4~0.5 0.4~0.5
Operating oil pressure MPa 7 7
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